Frosted Cards

These are transparent plastic business cards with an attractivel frosted finish. What your customers will first see of your business is what they will take away in their minds, therefore you need an eye catching option for what is often your only chance to make an great impression with new people in your market.

Full colour print can be applied to the surface to create a range of different looks. A transparent frosted plastic business card will give a look and feel of a “nothing but the best” entity that your client can trust to handle their business to extacting requirements. Any image, any text or any optional feature can be added just like a standard card to realise the full potential of a business card.Frosted plastic business cards are as sophisticated as business cards come. If you want to make a good first impression on your clients, using a frosted business card may exactly be what your business needs.

Frosted cards are actually plastic cards that are transparent, with a frosted finish. Because these cards are made from plastic, frosted business cards will not easily tear or break down, and will survive even with dust and moisture. Since frosted business cards last longer than paper cards, you will not have to repeatedly give your clients a copy of your card, allowing you to actually save money in the long run.Frosted business cards are very stylish and elegant. It’s as good as saying that your business is nothing but the best. For this reason, there is a greater possibility that your customer will keep your business card, and subsequently do business with you, than if you were to use a regular paper business card.

A frosted card can be used for several purposes. It can serve as a regular business card, where you put the name of your business and all your contact details. At the same time, a frosted business card can also be a technique for long-term advertising – if your clients continually see your frosted card, they will be reminded of your business regularly. They might even tell other people about it! can make these eye-catching frosted business cards for you. You can have any design printed in full color on the card’s surface. can also add a number of optional features to your frosted business card, depending on what you want.Using frosted plastic business cards is a stylish, effective way to advertise your brand. Get your own plastic frosted business card from, and give your business the attention it deserves!

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