Embossed Cards

If you want your clients to take your business seriously, a great idea would be to start using embossed cards. Embossed business cards can make your business cards look more sophisticated and stylish, which can reflect positively on you and your business.

Embossed cards are plastic cards wherein the text is pressed into the card, such that the characters can be felt when touched. The best example of an embossed plastic card is a credit card, where the numbers and letters are embedded, making them higher than the rest of the surface of the card.

Embossing gives the plastic card added texture, a unique feature that can give your card and your business a superior look compared to others. Using embossed plastic cards can enhance the image of your business, making you appear the professional company that you are. Your clients will know that you are truly committed to your business, and that you put every thought to improving your business and your image. An embossed plastic card can make a good impression on your customers, allowing you to keep their business.

PlasticCard.nz can make these embossed plastic business cards for you. These cards can have sequential numbers printed on them. If you want customized data printed on the plastic card, PlasticCard.nz can do it for you, as long as you provide the necessary information in a spreadsheet ahead of time. This means you can the name of your client embossed in the card, depending on the card’s purpose. The embossed characters are then finished with either gold or silver coloured coatings.

PlasticCard.nz can make your embossed plastic cards look even more elegant, by adding special features. You can choose to add barcodes, magnetic stripes, or ID photos, to name just a few options. This can make your card, not only look professional, but become even more versatile and useful!

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