Emerging Uses of Microchipped Plastic Cards

Micro chipped plastic cards are frequently referred to as Smart Cards or Chip Cards and have found their way into a myriad of business and commercial uses. If fact the only limitation on their use is one’s imagination. You may have seen many instances of these cards in your day to day life.

The credit card is your pocket right now is probably carrying an embedded microchip for enhanced security and information exchange with retail point of sale. Because an embedded chip can holds many times more information than the traditional magnetic stripe card, imagine just how many uses there are for such a facility on a plastic card. Now that there is an industry standard for a secure programming interface that allows the card to talk to virtually any ecommerce device in the world the possibilities are truly endless.

Because of the larger storage on a smart card, complex security systems can be implemented from the card when identifying users on banking systems, physical entry check points and any situation where security is paramount.

Payment Systems
Because the card can carry so much data it’s perfect for use as payment card. When paying for products and services the data on the card is read and automatically applies discounts, records customer information and adds information to the card when it will be read by other relevant services and providers.

Personal Information
Microchip cards can also be used to carry personal information that can be exchanged with computer systems in hospitals, government departments, insurance companies and any institution that needs to collect your personal information. With a smart card this can now be achieved without filing in forms or personal interviewing, if the client has the information on a card it can securely transferred in an instant

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