Metallic Cards

Unique. Elegant. Powerful but stylish. A metallic business card shows clients that you’re all business.

A contemporary metallic card is the perfect representation for a modern company. The style of the metallic card is smart and very up-to-date, and shows your customers that your business has a lot of flair. It can also show your consumers that you have good taste, which can encourage them to do business with you. Aside from these, offering a metallic plastic card is also a sign that your business is a solid, reliable one.

Don’t get fooled by the name of the card; a metallic card is not actually made of metal, but of PVC plastic. The flexible plastic has a finish that makes it look like metal, hence the name.

Because the metallic business card is actually made of plastic, it is therefore very durable. It can last years, without getting damaged by dust or moisture. These metallic plastic cards can stand the test of time without developing rust, which can actually happen to metal. It is also more lightweight than if you were to use real metal, making it more convenient for your clients to carry it around in their pockets or wallets. has the technology to provide you with metallic plastic cards. These metallic business cards can also have full-colored designs set into them. The metal finish is first applied to your plastic card before the colored areas are printed out. Aside from full color, metallic business cards can have a number of additional elements added onto it. For example, you can choose to have magnetic stripes or barcodes as added features on your metallic card. offers you so many choices, to suit all your plastic business card needs.

With metallic plastic business cards, you will surely get your business noticed!

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