Discount Cards

Repeat business is essential for a successful business modal in today’s climate, if you’ve gone to great lengths to lure your customers with great media advertising and promotion then converted this effort into to sales with excellent products and services then you will want to complete the last part of the puzzle by ensuring your customers come back to experience more. But what’s the most cost effective way to achieved this.

Discount cards are great way to encourage ongoing repeat business from your market. We can provide a great looking card to carry your logo, brand and contact details the will be keep your customers coming back to buy more from you. With your individual customers unique identity on each card you can easily identify your return business and offer discounts to card holders whenever they return to use your services.

This can be achieved as simply as applying a name or membership number to the card, or if you already have point of sale card readers installed then the addition of a magnetic stripe will greatly streamline the process of identification and application of discounts to your repeat customers purchases.

When the customer passes your point of sale their card is swiped and the instantly their customer information and sales history is available to your staff. This could even be used to encourage added value sales as staff can identify your customer’s needs and suggest they consider other offers that will interest them based on the information in their history.

Please call us today to discuss your Discount Card needs with one of our print managers, we can assist you to get card run underway immediately.

Please note we have a minimum run of 500 units for this product.

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