Membership Cards

If you’re running a sports club, social club or indeed any organisation that has a list of signed up members or customers, you will need a method of identifying your members when they are visiting your establishment or using services that require them to be members. Combining the superior appearance and durability of our plastic membership cards with ability to build in functionality to help you keep track of membership status, discount privileges or repeat business bonus offers make our cards the first choice when you’re looking for membership cards.

With the addition of a Magnetic Stripe (these cards have the familiar black strip running the entire width of the back of the card) these cards can be swiped through a card reader at your point of sale or a restricted entry point to identify the card holder and alert staff to membership status or when the member qualifies for discount or loyalty reward.

Of course in addition to this functionality are the promotional capabilities of our cards. Your logo and branding can be printed on your cards in full colour using our high resolution CYMK printing process. This high quality approach ensures your brand is presented in the best possible light.

Embossing is another process you may consider adding to your card. For instance, this process can be applied to member’s name and membership number to give your card the same authoritative look of a credit card or ATM card.

If you think a Plastic Membership Card is the right choice for your club or organisation, please call us now for a more information and a free quote. Our print managers are ready to assist you. We can also help with the graphic design so you’ll be assure of a great looking card.

Please note our minimum print run for this item is 500 units.

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