Plastic Loyalty Cards and Gift Cards

Loyalty cards are a well- known and widely accepted marketing strategy to efficiently attract new clients while also helping to retain repeat business from your existing valued client base. Ongoing incentives and rewards for your loyal customers convince them that their business is valued and help you maintain strong relationships them.

A loyalty card or a gift card usually corresponds to special offers, promotions or refunds. It is a good idea to get a plastic loyalty card, so that the card can be used repeatedly, for a longer period of time. You can choose to have these plastic cards made to suit the specific point of sale of your business.

Market research has shown that using loyalty cards and gift cards support customer retention and builds exceptionally strong brand loyalty. These things in themselves will bring about better use of your marketing budget and greater profits for your company.

It’s really important to choose a Loyalty Card printer that has the experience to fulfill your marketing vision for your printed advertising campaign material, every step of the process is carefully monitored and tracked to ensure the highest possible quality and shortest turn-around time for your project. create top quality plastic loyalty cards for businesses. You can have colour prints placed on both sides of the card to fully maximize it. You can also have the card made the way you want it, with magnetic strips or barcodes. They can either be re loadable or pre-loaded, and can be constructed to have an expiry date if necessary.

Studies have shown that it is less expensive for businesses to improve consumer loyalty than to get new clients. Having a loyalty program can enhance brand awareness and marketing, while encouraging customers to stick with your business. Plastic loyalty cards can do the trick for you!

Click here to read about the Benefits of Plastic Loyalty Cards as a Marketing Tool.

Gift Cards are also a great idea, they provide a branding opportunity, plus you have your valued customers payment up front.

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